Custom Boxes

A Custom Box is a customizable floating block on your profile page consisting of a title and a content. Custom Box is a truly unique and powerful feature because of its customizability.

Types of Custom Box

Call-to-action (CTA)

A button which can redirect visitors to somewhere else on the web or as a downloadable link.

A common use case would be something like:

  • An appointment button to schedule a meeting via Calendly

  • A donate button which links to your buymeacoffee profile

  • A support button which links to your Patreon page


A box which has a text editor built in where you can insert links, have headers, make a bullet list and so on.

A common use case would be:

  • a mini blog post

  • a description box about an event or a product


A single photo box which is optionally linkable i.e. you can redirect visitors somewhere when they click the image. You can also add a caption and a tag.


A single YouTube video box where you can show your visitors a video from YouTube.


Add a photo, name, title and content of a person or entity that you identify as your referee or reviewer.

How to Use

There are 2 columns on your profile; left column is called 'Column One', right column is called 'Column two'.

1.0 Creating a Custom Box

This video shows how to create a CTA Custom Box

2.0 Sorting Custom Boxes

Custom Boxes are arranged according to columns that you have assigned when creating it. Custom Boxes can only be sorted according to their columns but you can always change the boxes' column if you wish so.

When sorting Custom Boxes, take note of the Box position. Position 1 indicates that a box is located at the top most in a column, and so on.

Here's a short video on how you can sort your Custom Boxes on your profile.

How to sort custom boxes according to columns