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Contents 🔍

Navigating through your profile page made easy

Contents will be generated automatically once you published/save your input on your Edit Profile page.

Boxes 🎁

A box is a floating block on your profile page consisting of a title and a content.

There are 2 kinds of Boxes on One Profile

  1. Essential Box

  2. Custom Box

Essential Boxes are fixed and pre-made boxes which allows you to form a profile quickly and easily. All you need to do is just fill in some details on your Edit Profile page.

Examples of these boxes are About, City/Location, Internet Presence, Galleries, Video Collection, Publications

Custom Boxes are customized boxes which you can configure it to become whatever you wish. There are a few types of custom boxes available: a call-to-action box, a text box, a photo box, and a video box. To learn more about Custom Boxes, click the navigation button below

Galleries 🖼

There are 2 types of Galleries:

  1. Photo Gallery

  2. Shopping Gallery

Photo Gallery is a collection of your personal photos. This can be a collection of your achievements in pictures or a project that you want to share with people. Think of it like a special album that you want people to see so that can know more about you. You can even add links to your photos to redirect visitors somewhere relevant to your photos.

Shopping Gallery is a collection of things that you want to sell. Essentially, it can be your very own mini-marketplace. Add links to your photos and redirect your visitors to your online store e.g. Shopify, Instagram, Gumroad—anywhere.

Create your own mini marketplace with Shopping Gallery

Video Collection 📹

Add your most favourite YouTube videos to your One Profile.

Your video collection

Publications 📝

Whether you have published an article, or were being published in article, or you want to showcase someone else's article—you can add all of them to your One Profile.

Add your most sought publications on your profile